Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Giuliani and his ‘constant loyalty tests’

The Carpetbagger Report: At this point, highlighting Rudy Giuliani’s many serious flaws almost seems gratuitous. His presidential campaign has become something of a laughing stock, exacerbated yesterday by a poll showing him running third in his own home state. It’s tempting to wait to kick the guy until after he’s off the ground.

But, even if we operate under the (probably safe) assumption that Giuliani’s campaign is toast, it’s probably still worth highlighting the fact that the nation dodged a bullet with the downfall of the one-time frontrunner.

The NYT has a fascinating item today, for example, highlighting the extraordinary lengths the former mayor would go to punish anyone, vindictively and aggressively, for even modest criticism of Giuliani. (more)

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