Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hillary: Gay partners should get health benefits, Social Security, other fed benefits

John Aravosis, Good for her. Reader Lyn tipped me off to Hillary's appearance today on the Tyra Banks show:

BANKS: (Reading a question ) "I am a lesbian and my partner of 20 years is sick. She can't afford her medical expenses and because we are not legally married, my policy won't cover her. How can you help us?"

HRC: I believe that if you are in a committed relationship, you ought to be able to have your benefits go to that person, or to anyone else. Suppose you are living with your brother and you want him to have your benefits. He wants you to have your benefits. Suppose you are taking care of and living with your mother. If you are in a committed relationship, no matter what that relationship is.

BANKS: Woman, woman, man, man, it doesn't matter.

HRC: That's right. I believe the benefits are yours and you ought to be able to give them and pass them on to whomever you choose. Also, as we begin to see different states making these decisions, civil unions, domestic partners and, marriage, the federal government ought to make all of the benefits through Social Security and other programs available to any legally recognized relationship and I intend to do that.

LSB: First, I hope this isn't just another Clinton with just another false promise to the gay community that will not only go unfulfilled, but somehow be worse. Think DADT in 1992. Secondly, this is one of the first idea coming from her campaign that doesn't seem to have been picked off another candidate. It's nice to see some original ideas from Hillary, especially one that - if presented right - might actually get some traction in Congress. Afterall, it will help more than just the gay community.

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