Saturday, January 05, 2008

FOX Business Network tanks in the ratings

John Amato, Crooks and Liars: FBN ratings are even lower than I thought possible

Only 6,000 people are watching Rupert Murdoch’s new all business cable network during the work day, according to Nielsen ratings data obtained by the Daily News. And, after eight weeks on the air, Fox Business Channel is averaging just 15,000 viewers in prime time.

If the average number of viewers at night all got together, they wouldn’t even fill Madison Square Garden. For comparison, 284,000 viewers tune in to CNBC during the day, with 238,000 in prime time.

Even though it’s just getting off the ground these rating make Tucker Carlson look good. C&L draws that many readers in about 40 minutes. Rupert doesn’t care if he loses millions of dollars for years to come because he has the cash to fund a media loser for ions. To him—it’s just another venue to extend his GOP/NEOCON/free market/NAFTA loving beliefs. Media Bistro has more.

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