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Creator of ABC's fictional mockumentary about 9/11 blames everything on Clinton, not a word about Bush

Kevin Brockman, ABC Vice President for Publicity, (818) 460-6655

An absolutely amazing interview with the guy who created ABC's fictional account of what happened on September 11 in an alternate reality.

In a nutshell, the entire interview is about Bill Clinton and how he just didn't have the "will" to take out bin Laden. What does ABC's guy have to say about George Bush, the guy who stayed on vacation after being warned bin Laden was determined to hit the US only weeks before September 11? Bush "should be applauded."

So that's it in a nutshell. According to ABC, Bill Clinton caused September 11 and George Bush is an American hero.

And just how does ABC propose to blame Clinton for this?

9/11 Commission member says key scene in Disney/ABC fictional account of September 11 is "a total fabrication"

Disney/ABC's spokesman now admits that at least one key scene from its 9/11 "documentary" was simply made up.

Berger, portrayed as a pasty-faced time-server by Kevin Dunn (Col. Hicks in “Godzilla”) freezes in dithering apprehension when a manly and virtuous CIA agent played by Donnie Wahlberg radios in from the wilds of Afghanistan to say that he and his noble band of local tribesmen have Osama bin Laden within sight and begs for the green light to terminate him with extreme prejudice. In the film, the line goes dead before Berger offers any reply.....

So when the post-screening question-and-answer session began, Ben-Veniste stood to say that the Berger-bashing scene didn’t square with the research he and the other commissioners conducted. “There was no incident like that in the film that we came across. I am disturbed by that aspect of it,” Ben-Veniste, a loyal Democrat, told the panel, which included both the producer and the commission’s GOP chairman, former Gov. Thomas H. Kean of New Jersey.

Berger, reached by phone after the screening, seconded Ben-Veniste’s criticism. “It’s a total fabrication,” he said tersely. “It did not happen.”

That is not likely to prevent the film from being embraced far and wide among Bush supporters. Even before its airdate, the show is being hailed as a breakthrough in the conservative blogosphere. One blogger marveled in an interview with scriptwriter Cyrus Nowrasteh that “one unbelievable sequence shows how . . . Sandy Berger . . . actually hung up the phone on the CIA agent on the ground.”

And what’s worse?

Disney/ABC sending its 9/11 revisionist tale to every American school kid

Ah yes, Disney/ABC's misinformation is already spreading. And now, it seems, the standard Disney/ABC is applying to their TV show is to strive for "reasonable accuracy" when educating American school kids about what happened on September 11 and how it happened.

Reasonably accurate?

Is that like saying Saddam Hussein had something to do with September 11, and Iraq had WMD? Hasn't America had enough hedging about accuracy regarding September 11 and the war on terror?

And guess what…

[ABC is] sending a copy of the film and a letter to 100,000 American high school teachers written by - who? - the REPUBLICAN chair of the 9/11 Commission. Not the Democrat and the Republican, just the Republican. And a Republican whose son is running for the US Senate seat in New Jersey. Oh yeah, no conflict there.

Disney/ABC isn't just putting an incorrect, and politically partisan, version of the events leading up to September 11 on television a scant 8 weeks before national elections. They're now planning on using this partisan mockumentary to propagandize to American schoolchildren.

It's one thing for Disney/ABC to take advantage of the deaths of nearly 3,000 Americans in order to curry political favor with the Republicans (sickening as that is), but it's quite another when Disney/ABC try to jam this Disneyfied version of 9/11 political propaganda down the throats of our children. And they don't even try to hide the fact that they're using Republicans exclusively to push the propaganda.

Disney/ABC has gone too far. They owe every American school kid the responsibility to present them with the facts about September 11, not some Mickey Mouse fantasy written by, directed by, and pushed by Republican party hacks.

ABC: America's most trusted name for right-wing propaganda.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Is it any surprise that advance copies of Path to 9/11 have only been sent out to Republican bloggers and not Democratic ones? Said Americablog: "...the fact that ABC is only targeting Republicans with this anti-Clinton TV show is prima facie evidence that this is nothing more than one big fat campaign contribution from ABC/Disney to the Republican party. A contribution grotesquely wrapped in the ashes of nearly 3,000 Americans."

UPDATE: Scarborough Country took on the ABC 9/11 docu-drama last night and former Bush counterterrorism official, Roger Cressey had some choice things to say about it.

Video - WMV Video - QT

Cressey: "Joe, what’s amazing about this based on what I seen so far is how much they got wrong."

Scarborough’s choice of a panel was rather interesting. Cressey was the only one who saw the movie for what it is. The other panel members are supportive of the film and downplay the fictitious story line behind it.

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