Monday, September 25, 2006

Think Progress fact checks Chris Wallace. Verdict: Wallace is Lying Moron

Summarizing the article: During his interview with former President Bill Clinton, Chris Wallace asked Clinton why he failed to "do more" during his presidency to put Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden "out of business," a question, Clinton said, Fox News "do[esn't] ask the other side." Wallace denied the charge, responding, "That is not true."

The full text of this article outlines the dozens of Fox Sunday interviews over the past five years with senior Bush aides. Despite their access to these administration officials, Wallace and former host (and current WH Press Secretary) Tony Snow repeatedly failed to ask pressing questions regarding the Bush administration's efforts to pursue Al Qaeda in the eight months prior to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks -- and in the years since. The full text of this article asks all of the questions you wish Wallace (and other MSM reporters) would have asked! has these additional links, which further disputes Wallace's assertion that Fox News asks the tough questions of the Bush Admin:

Joe in DC, AmericaBlog adds: In just his second question to President Clinton, Wallace asked Clinton about a book that's not out yet, called "The Looming Tower." Wallace says this book lays the blame for 9/11 at Clinton's feet. Wallace hid behind "his viewers," saying essentially that they wanted to know why Clinton hadn't gotten bin Laden. Anyone know anything about this book or its author? And why Wallace was up on the book and/or mentioning it? Clearly the Republicans, with the help of Disney/ABC, have decided that the only way to save their pitifully corrupt and incompetent party is to, yet again, try to shift the blame to Bill Clinton.

And this, too, from During the interview, former President Bill Clinton noted that the political right, which now accuses him of not doing enough to stem the al Qaeda terrorist threat, criticized his 1998 missile strikes in Afghanistan as “wag the dog.” Clinton said:
The people on my political right who say I didn’t do enough spent the whole time I as president saying, Why is he so obsessed with bin Laden? That was wag the dog when he tried to kill him.
Originating from a 1997 movie, Wag the Dog was a phrase used by the right to suggest Clinton’s airstrikes were driven by ulterior motives in an effort to distract the public. (Read the ThinkProgress article for examples.)

P.S. Click on the pic above to see a list of the Top 10 Conservative Idiots (compiled by DU).

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