Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fuel for Republicans?

Washington Wire: "Republicans could get a boost heading into the midterms from gasoline prices. They have fallen more than 35 cents from their $3 a gallon peak in early August and could fall another 35 cents in the weeks ahead because of the recent plunge in oil prices.

"High gasoline prices have been a key factor behind the low approval ratings voters give President Bush and the Republican Congress on the economy. Democrats have also used high oil prices to paint the Republicans as the friends of Big Oil."

LSB: Does anyone really believe that temporarily lower gasoline prices are anything more than a pathetically transparent attempt by W’s oil buddies to boost GOP ratings before the November elections? I guess if 43% of the public still believes Saddam was behind the 9/11 attacks they’ll believe just about anything this administration tries to sell them.

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