Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Thank you, President Bush

Sometimes you just have to let an idiot hang himself.

As you all now know, George Bush made public the executive summary of the National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq late yesterday. Bush claimed that the NIE was going to exonerate him and show how peachy everything was in Iraq and in the war on terror. In fact, the document was horrifically pessimistic, and said just what the NYT said it said – namely, that Bush's quagmire in Iraq is fueling more terror and making us less safe.

The thing I can't fathom is what possessed Bush to make this document public AND to claim that it is was going to be a really happy and peppy assessment… how did he get off thinking he could just lie about it, and then release it three hours later, like nobody would notice?

And now the rest of the media weighs in.

– John in DC, AmericaBlog

Okay, let's review. Bush and the GOP are claiming that they've made the world safer. Now the U.S. Intelligence entities – all 16 of them – have shown that they're lying.

Iraq has been a double whammy. Not only did that war distract the U.S. from the real war on terror, Iraq has mobilized the jihadists. We're further behind than we were in 2003. We have a President who thinks violence in Iraq is a comma. For the jihadists, it's a "cause celebre."

And you gotta love the feigned outrage from the GOP that people are politicizing the terror issue.

– Joe in DC, AmericaBlog

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