Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Newsweek Cover in America versus rest of the World

LSB: Why the difference in the front covers? Does NEWSWEEK think we "can't handle the truth?" Are they responding to what they think their readers want (in-depth analysis of the war in Iraq for international readers, and dumbed-down fluff for U.S. readers)? Or are they responding to political pressures (‘Include the story inside, if you have to, but just don’t promote the article too much – we can’t have an informed public voting this November’)? Maybe NEWSWEEK assumes their U.S. readers are nothing more than gossip-crazed, celebrity-lovin’ and reality-TV obsessed morons who will more likely gravitate to a glossy pic of a celebrity photographer rather than a hard-hitting article about an unpopular war? Let me give NEWSWEEK a newsflash: the gossip-crazed, celebrity-lovin’ and reality-TV obsessed morons are reading PEOPLE, not NEWSWEEK! Know thy audience!!

UPDATE: Jon Stewart, TDS, attached the "can't handle the truth" line (from A FEW GOOD MEN) to the NEWSWEEK cover story tonight (Wed., 9/27). Thanks for reading my blog, Jon!

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