Monday, September 11, 2006 Editor: ABC’s Path to 9/11 Docudrama is “Worse than you think.” editor Joan Walsh joined Bill Maher on Real Time, and says she has seen an advance copy of the upcoming propaganda film and it’s worse than we think. The Clinton administration is portrayed as completely incompetent and too pre-occupied by the Lewinsky scandal to focus on bin Laden. Both of which have no basis in reality as confirmed by every and any source close to the decision-making process and the 9/11 commision. Watch: Video-WMP Video-QT

Any film that claims to portray an accurate historical account of ‘The Path to 9/11′ — based on the 9/11 Commission report — that DOESN’T include the infamous August 6th PDB titled ‘bin Laden Determined to Strike in the US’, is pure fiction. (See video of Condi) In fact, President Bush was repeatedly warned by Clarke and Tenet about the mounting threat in the summer of 2001 and decided not to act. If aired as is — which seems likely — this film will completely swiftboat and scapegoat the Clinton administration like the "Veterans for Truth" did to John Kerry. Read the PDB for yourself–here.

- Mike Legra

Updates on the Sunday evening broadcast:

Disney/ABC defames Clinton National Security Adviser Sandy Berger. Disney/ABC just broadcast a scene that never happened. Clinton National Security Adviser Sandy Berger refuses to give the order to capture or kill bin Laden, even though our guys had him in their sights. Only problem, it never happened. This scene was the biggest problem in the entire show, Disney/ABC has known about this problem since early last week. But they chose to leave the scene in, simply cutting the part where Sandy Berger hangs up the phone. Gee, big change. Disney/ABC just lied to the American people about Sandy Berger being responsible for Osama bin Laden being alive today. And there was no indication in the broadcast, by Disney/ABC or the local affiliate, that the scene was fictitious. I cannot think of a greater libel than to tell millions of people worldwide that you are responsible for Osama bin Laden not being stopped before September 11. Disney/ABC just put the blood of 3,000 Americans on Sandy Berger's hands. May he sue them for millions.

Disney/ABC defames American Airlines in worldwide broadcast. Well, so much for edits. Disney/ABC just blamed American Airlines, falsely, for ignoring a warning on their computers about Mohammad Atta boarding their flight. It's a lie. The warning came up on US Airways' computers for his Portland flight, American at Logan had nothing to do with it. I hope American sues them because the entire world just got told that American Airlines loves hijackers.

Disney/ABC gets Sec. of State Albright's name wrong in 9/11 mockumentary. They didn't even get Secretary of State Albright's name right. Her first name is Madeleine, not Madeline. Geez. For $40 million could these guys have at least hired a copy editor? They don't even get the small things right. What a total negligent disaster. You can watch the clip, and several of the other defamatory ones, at RedState.

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