Friday, September 01, 2006

Project Runway Spoof

Although I generally fill my blog with the reposting of noteworthy political articles I’ve found elsewhere, after being offline for a week there is a lot of news to wade through and decide what is blogworthy. In the meantime I thought I’d share a blog piece on one of my guilty pleasures – Project Runway.

Kenneth Hill, Managing Editor, AOL Gay & Lesbian: 'Project Runway' put some ohh la la in its step [Wednesday] night as it whisked the entire cast off to Paris. The idea of this challenge was fun: Pretend you are a jetsetter, and design something for yourself to wear. The only problem with this is that these people aren't jetsetters and, for the most part, their designs were painful reflections of this fact.
And the designs were, for the most part, AWFUL! Much has been made of the fact that this is allegedly one of the better groups of designers – more mature, more seasoned, blah, blah, blah… and that pretty much sums up what I’m feeling from this group – blah, blah, blah… Is it just the challenges this season; or are the designers all playing it too safe; or has the spark of imagination left the room?

Do any of the remaining contestants spark your passions? For the most part, I’m pretty bored with the designers. I think it’s clear that Michael and Laura will probably make it to the finals, but after that there is no real competition: Uli has become a one-note designer with her mix of fancy prints; the judges are giving signs that Kayne lacks the sophistication to go much further; and Jeffrey and Vincent are just plain nuts, and their talents are fleeting and momentary at best during their lucid moments.

Ok, that's enough flexing of my gay genes for the moment. Now watch the video spoof of Project Runway by clicking here or on the picture above. Enjoy!

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