Saturday, September 09, 2006

NYT: FBI agents warned Disney/ABC that film was inaccurate A YEAR AGO, Disney/ABC refused to fix it

Disney/ABC was told about the errors a year ago and refused to correct them. You want libel? You got libel. This is an intentional tort now, full-blown malice.
Two retired F.B.I. agents said today that they had rejected advisory roles on the disputed ABC mini-series, “The Path to 9/11,” because of concerns about the program’s accuracy.

One of the agents, Thomas E. Nicoletti, was hired by the producers of the mini-series in July 2005 to oversee its technical accuracy, but left after less than a month because of scenes he believed were misleading or just false....

Chief among Mr. Nicoletti’s concerns were scenes that placed people at places they had not been present at and scenes that depicted events that were out of chronological order. “There were so many inaccuracies,” he said.

Mr. Nicoletti said he asked the producers to make changes, but was rebuffed. “I’m well aware of what’s dramatic license and what’s historical inaccuracy,” Mr. Nicoletti said. “And this had a lot of historical inaccuracy.”
- John Aravosis, AmericaBlog

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