Thursday, August 23, 2007

David Shuster Dismantles President Bush’s Viet Nam Rhetoric

This evening on “Hardball” MSNBC’s David Shuster started off the hour with a dead on debunking of President Bush’s rhetoric from his speech earlier today in which proclaimed that a U.S. pullout in Iraq would have the same consequences as our withdrawal from Viet Nam. The president says that America’s departure sparked the Khmer Rouge’s murderous rule, but as Shuster points out, the killings started well before the U.S. pulled out and that it was a mistake to go into Cambodia in the first place as we only made the violence worse. As for Bush’s claim that pulling out of South East Asia emboldened America’s enemies, Shuster had this to say:

SHUSTER (click the pic for the vid): “…But he wasn’t talking about our enemies at the time, including communists and the Soviet Union during the cold war. Instead, President Bush spoke of Osama Bin Laden who mentioned Viet Nam a few years ago in declaring America would be weak in fighting al Qaeda. …Bin Laden, however, is running al Qaeda from somewhere along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, not from inside Iraq.

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