Friday, August 17, 2007

Giuliani: 'Leave my family alone'

John Aravosis,

Let me get this straight. Rudy Giuliani can pontificate about MY family. He can retract his support for gay civil unions because of his judgment of the worth of my family. But when we look at Giuliani's family, in order to discern his family values, that's off limits.

Then there's Mitt Romney. He's running as the religious right candidate. He wants America to live under religious law. But don't ask Mitt about his own religion, Mormonism - the religion he's going to use as a basis for all those religious laws he's promising to pass. Oh no.

The extremists running the Republican party have two sets of values. The ones they live under, and the ones they expect YOU to live under. They spend like drunken sailors, but they expect you to tighten your belt. They send our troops off to wars based on a lie, without the proper equipment, and you hate the troops. They have more divorces and marriages and affairs than Zsa Zsa Gabor, but you're the threat to family values. And September 11 happens under their watch, but you're the one who's weak on terror.

Family values? I'd like to know if today's Republicans have ANY values.

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