Saturday, August 11, 2007

The vacation president

There’s just something amusing about the president’s penchant for vacations. As governor of Texas, Bush enjoyed an inordinate amount of “down time,” and he brought that style to the White House. When he’s at “work,” Bush leaves plenty of time for exercise and likes to knock off early. More importantly, he likes to get away from “work” more than anyone I’ve ever seen.

The amusing part of this, I suppose, is that one might assume that the president would have plenty to do. There is a war going on, and there are a variety of crises (economic, diplomatic, strategic) that demand real leadership. But Bush just loves to get away. (via TP)

President Bush tries to set an example for Americans whenever he can, in terms of physical fitness, faith, optimism and a certain overall moral rectitude. He also sets an excellent example on taking vacation.

On Thursday, Bush left for a weekend in Kennebunkport, Maine, and his family’s summer compound, Walker’s Point. On Monday, he heads to his Crawford retreat, where he has spent all or part of 418 days of his presidency, according to Mark Knoller, a CBS News White House correspondent and meticulous record-keeper.… Bush’s August sojourn will be his 65th trip to Crawford, according to Knoller.

The Houston Chronicle added, “The presidential vacation-time record holder is the late Ronald Reagan, who tallied 436 days in his two terms. At 418 days, and with 17 months to go in his presidency, Bush is going to beat that easily.”
It’s an interesting contrast with what the typical American worker faces.
Some of the reader comments:
  • GW has little in common with mainstream Americans. His ascendency to the throne was orchestrated as he was depicted as a regular guy. Time has proven that false.
  • Thank God he’s a part time president. Can you imagine how much damage Bush could do if he worked full time?
  • “moral rectitude” ? I guess, if you can call making torture the law of the United States moral. I guess, if you can call disappearing and torturing 7 and 9 year old children moral.
  • bush is such a fucking lame lazy ass. he has taken on average 17.5% off for vacation each year as compared to the average American who gets at best 2.8% off for vacation each year.
  • So, Cheney lets him have time off?
  • Maybe on this vacation he’ll finally finish reading “My Pet Goat”.

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