Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dear Family Research Council, real Christians aren't pathologic liars

John Aravosis, I just got an email update from our good friends at the Family Research Council (that would be the religious right Republicans). It's about the gay issues forum for the presidential candidates (only the Dems agreed to come). FRC is ticked that the Dems haven't agreed to show up at FRC's own presidential forum. Well, considering that you guys lie all the time about the Dems, and you're so partisan to the Republicans it isn't even funny, why should a single Dem show up? To wit: Note what FRC says in the same paragraph in which they whine about the Dems not agreeing to show to their little party.
If the Democratic contenders believe so strongly in their positions regarding same-sex marriage then why not attend our event and defend those beliefs?
Did you get how FRC implies, quite clearly, that the Dem presidential candidates support gay marriage? "Defend their beliefs" before FRC on gay marriage? But they don't support gay marriage (other than Kucinich and Gravel, and sorry but they don't count), so why would the Dem candidates have to "defend their beliefs" on gay marriage when their beliefs are in line with the FRC?

Answer: Because the FRC are liars. They want their members to think that the Dems are supporting gay marriage because that will help the Republicans get votes.

Note to FRC: Good Christians, real Christians, don't lie out their asses every time they open their mouths. You people are pathetic excuses for Christians. Think I'm being harsh? You bet I'm being harsh. I'm a Christian too, and you people make a mockery of Christianity with your hate and your lies. Has it ever struck any of you as to why you so often have to lie in order to espouse your supposedly-Christian point of view? We've documented the lies, over and over again - and they're not differences of opinion, they're flat out lies. Good Christians, good people, don't lie - don't NEED to lie - in order to prove their point. You people aren't either.

LSB: Well said, John. I, too, am a Christian and am tired of my religion being highjacked by these jackasses. John Edwards was right when during the HRC "debate" he noted that each time we fail to stand up against intolerance we give tacit support to it. No more!

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