Sunday, August 05, 2007

LOGO-TV and HRC Debate on Thursday, August 9th

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich, Bill Richardson, and Mike Gravel all have signed on to LOGO HRC debate. Chris Dodd and Joe Biden are the only Democratic candidates not to participate in the groundbreaking debate. (Dodd originally had agreed to take part but backed out late Friday citing scheduling conflicts; Biden earlier said he was unable to attend.)

The debate will take place in Los Angeles and will be broadcast on LOGO at 9:00 pm ET and through live streaming video on Los Angeles was chosen as the site for the event because of the state’s early primary election, on February 5th, 2008.

Asking questions of the candidates will be a panel comprised of journalists Jonathan Capehart and Margaret Carlson, musician/activist Melissa Etheridge and HRC president Joe Solomonese.

The LGBT vote is considered a decisive electoral force and according to exit poll data make up approximately 4 percent of the voting population.

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