Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rep. Porter cites gas prices as reason to stay in Iraq.

Rep. Jon Porter (R-NV), who recently returned from a visit to Iraq, said he was told that an Iraq withdrawal would cause gas prices to rise to $9/gallon. “To a person, they said there would be genocide, gas prices in the U.S. would rise to eight or nine dollars a gallon, al-Qaida would continue its expansion, and Iran would take over that portion of the world if we leave,” Porter said Wednesday in a phone interview from Las Vegas. “Porter did not elaborate on the assessment that gasoline prices could spike. His spokesman, Matt Leffingwell, said afterward that the scenario ‘makes sense if Iran moves into Iraq.’”

LSB: Bush told us that oil was NOT the reason for going into Iraq and removing Saddam, so if this fool is now telling us that oil is a reason for the U.S. invasion of Iraq it means my nephew died there to give us cheap gas. Too high a price has been paid!

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