Saturday, August 09, 2008

Big, Bland John: How a dull exterior masks one of the most conservative records in the U.S. Senate

Dave Mann, Texas Observer: Democratic strategists in Texas have been telling anyone who will listen for the past year that they can defeat John Cornyn, the state’s junior U.S. senator, in November. This is big talk for a party that hasn’t won a statewide race since 1994 and hasn’t held Cornyn’s senate seat in 47 years. But they have some fancy polling data to back it up. More than a third of Texans wouldn’t know their junior senator if he fell on them. They call this “name ID” (or lack thereof) in the political consulting business. Cornyn’s is abysmal for a politician who’s served as a Texas Supreme Court justice, state attorney general, and, for the past six years, U.S. senator. Of those who do know Cornyn, fewer than 50 percent view him favorably—dangerous territory for an incumbent seeking re-election. Some of those same polls show him running closely with Democratic opponent Rick Noriega.
But you don’t need polling data to know that Cornyn can be beaten. Just watch him give a speech. “Dull” is an understatement. ...
LSB: This asshole needs to go! He's nothing but a rubber stamp for Bush, and some of his conservative platitudes are laughable - to everyone, that is, except for those directly affected by them.

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