Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dear Georgia, Despite what your lobbyist might have told you, McCain isn't the President and can't make policy

Joe Sudbay (DC), Today's Washington Post filled us in on the relationship between the government of Georgia and John McCain's top foreign policy adviser, Randy Scheunemann (shown at left with McCain). Seems for quite awhile, Mr. Scheunemann served two masters at the same time: Georgia and McCain.
Matt Yglesias, from his new perch at Think Progress notes that Georgia's president wants more than words from McCain. He wants action. Matt wrote:
It looks like Mikhail Saakashvili thought it meant something when John McCain proclaimed America and Georgia to be identical.
Georgia wants action based on McCain's words. Therein lies the problem for Georgia and leads to the question of just exactly who Georgia's leaders think McCain is. McCain is only a Senator -- he doesn't set U.S. foreign policy. The president does -- and McCain is not the president (and won't be).
Seems that the Georgians may have been misled by their lobbyists. According to that Post article, Scheunemann's lobbying company "signed a $200,000 contract to continue providing strategic advice to the Georgian government in Washington." Memo to Georgia: Get your money back. In the meantime, you're stuck with Bush and Condi.

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