Friday, August 29, 2008

Political Pundits Pontificate on Palin

Van Jones: Palin, You're no Hillary Clinton. None of my pro-Hillary female friends are falling for this obvious GOP pander. To the contrary, McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as his VP is drawing hoots of derision. Once they learn that Sarah Palin opposes rape and incest exceptions for women seeking abortion, they completely write her off. John McCain has gone from maverick to "me too" -- trying to out-Democrat the Democrats and pick up some Hillary voters. But it ain't working.
William Bradley: 13 Reasons Why It's, Ah, Palin. John McCain doesn't like that he's lost the change mantle to Barack Obama. We shouldn't expect to see too much more from Team McCain about how inexperienced Senator Obama is.
Ari Emanuel: One Heartbeat Away. God forbid something bad should befall a 72-year-old man who's had skin cancer. But if it does, is this truly the woman we want dealing with Putin on an instant's notice?
David Sirota: At First Glance, Palin Is A Smart Choice Here's four reasons why this is a pretty smart choice -- and for progressives, I think its a good idea that we look at these factors as we head into the final stretch of the campaign.
Sarah Seltzer: A Feminist Appalled by Palin. It's no rare thing for the right wing to use prominent women to keep the rest of us down. But just because Sarah Palin is a woman doesn't mean she's good for women. And female voters know that.
Robert J. Elisberg: The Worst Vice-Presidential Nominee in U.S. History. It's not that Sarah Palin is inexperienced -- it's that this is gross political misconduct. Do you know what the "powers and duties" are for the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska? Check their municipal code.
Bob Cesca: Seriously? Nookular? I'm not sure which was more bizarre today. Palin saying "nuclear" with the same "nookular" pronunciation as President Bush or FOX News' Steve Doocy suggesting that she has foreign policy credentials.
Seth Greenland: What John McCain Is Thinking, Part II. How's this for a kick in the pants, America! Sarah Palin? Like you saw that one coming! The Governor of Alaska, my new favorite state, Bridge to Nowhere, salmon, oil drilling!
Amb. Marc Ginsberg: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. If the McCain campaign was hoping to make the issue of experience a determining factor... it just took that issue completely off the table. Welcome Gov. Palin to the national stage and the collective sounds of shocked gulps from your own party.
Kimberly Brooks: Sarah Palin First Impressions. As a former Hillary supporter, my first thought when I saw Joe Biden up there with Obama was, "Darn... There's no more girls up there." I love seeing a woman in the fray. But this is indeed an unusual pick.

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