Saturday, August 30, 2008

Chuck Todd suggests Charlie Crist has a sham marriage. Via Matt Yglesias, MSNBC pundits this morning discussed potential running mates for John Mccain and whether there is a “glass ceiling” for unmarried individuals in politics. After Andrea Mitchell floated Gov. Charlie Crist (R-FL) as an example, Joe Scarborough noted that Crist is engaged. Chuck Todd suggested the engagement may be staged so Crist can be Vice President:
SCARBOROUGH: Did he get married? I thought he was engaged. Is he engaged or did he get married?
TODD: After Friday the engagement might be off if he’s not the running mate, right? … I don’t know!
As the group laughed, Andrea Mitchell remarked, “That is so mean.”
“Wow,” said Scarborough.
LSB: Of course that was going to be a sham marriage. I predict that Charlie and his un-bride wait until after the election (so as not to draw too much attention) and then quietly announce they have parted company.

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