Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Week in Review via YouTube

LSB: Eloquent, yet relateable; gives a clear direction and makes a distinction between his campaign and McCain's. This is the guy - this is the time!
LSB: Biden was an acceptable choice. Qualified? Without a doubt. Does he represent a ‘change?’ No, but he’s not at the top of the ticket and he has the experience/connections to get the needed changes through the Congress. Let’s just hope he doesn’t go off message too often or at the wrong time. And he’d better not be too deferential to Palin because she’s a ‘hockey mom’ with five kids – the GOP hasn’t shown and deference to Nancy Pelosi, another mom and grandmother.
LSB: A class act! We’ll be lucky to have her as our First Lady!
LSB: President Clinton went a ways to rehabilitate his image and legacy with this speech, but I will not soon forget his conduct during the Spring primaries. I'll always be a bit wary of him - and Hilary, too - and he no longer automatically gets a pass from me because (despite the Lewitzski mess) he was a pretty good president.
LSB: Sen. Clinton had a good evening, but it didn’t go far enough to erase the memory of those final weeks of the primaries. Long after everyone knew – and she had to have known – that she was not to be the nominee, she continued to trash Obama and to deplete his campaign coffers of the funds he would need in the fall. This was vanity run amok, and it certainly told me a lot about her character. Could I have voted for her? Doubt it. However, could I stand to see McCain win just to satisfy my discontent with Sen. Clinton? Probably not. Like in previous years, I would have held my nose and voted against one candidate more than voting for another. For the first time in many years I really feel I am voting FOR someone – and it feels great!
LSB: Where was this guy four years ago?
LSB: I believed in Al Gore eight years ago, and I believe in him today. What a burden he must carry, knowing that you won the popular vote but not the electoral vote. How many young men and women in our armed forces would be alive today had Gore been sworn into office and not our Liar-in-Chief?

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