Friday, August 08, 2008

Osama's driver gets 5 months. Wow, glad we caught that guy.

John Aravosis (DC), He's the only guy we've tried so far, Osama's big bad driver. And the military tribunal trying him found that he was such an important catch they gave him.... five more months. Absolutely freaking pathetic. This was Bush's big catch. The driver. What's next, Osama's hairdresser? Or maybe his personal shopper? Mind you, this was a military court, that shows just how pathetic the case was - this was no wimpy civilian jury, it was big bad military folk, and even they said "whatever." The Bush administration says they can still hold the guy forever, which only goes to show how screwed up the entire situation is at Gitmo. If even a military jury says that it's time to release the guy, then clearly whoever is making the decisions at the top, as to whether or not to keep people in perpetual custody at Gitmo, has no idea what they're doing. This really is just the icing on the cake of the laughing stock the Republicans have made of both our justice system and the "war on terror." We caught Osama's chauffeur. Well bully for us.
So, how is that hunt for Osama going?

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