Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stephen Colbert's Latest Stunt: Hack The Democratic Convention

Jason Linkins, Over the past week, there have been rumblings that Democratic Convention-attending supporters of once (and future?) presidential candidate Hillary Clinton are not content with the privilege of honorably discharging their DNC duties and receiving all of the attendant perks of membership to which they are entitled. No, no! In addition, these delegates will require some manner of extra-super-special treatment like a cake or a party or a hug or, as the candidate herself puts it, a "catharsis."
Well, as aggrieved cults of personality go, none are more dedicated -- or more anarchic -- than the green-screen animating, Wikipedia vandalizing, Hungarian bridge-vote hacking Colbert Nation, and on last night's Colbert Report, the eponymous host, after pointing out how his own White House hopes were undone by Democratic Party machinations, sicced his followers on the Denver festivities:
"Like Hillary, I selflessly stepped aside once I had no other option....You need to be acknowledged...You deserve to have you have me have a speech at the Democratic convention."
As you'll see in the video, the threats begin at ominous chanting, but have the potential to go much further. We can only encourage such lovely foolishness!

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