Friday, August 08, 2008

David Gregory: Broader implications for the party

John Amato, Crooks and Liars: Yes, John Edwards had an affair that was handled privately and the Edwards story is big news. It will get the Anna Nicole Smith/Brett Favre treatment for a while now. Elizabeth Edwards responds here.
From the email inbox:
David Gregory just said young people were inspired by him and are let down… and questioned whether it will have “broader implications for the party” during the election. This week, Ron Suskind’s book revealed the Bush team knew Iraq didn’t have WMD, forged letters, paid hush money, and lied us into war. (Chirp, chirp…) Any broader implications for the Republican party there?—the absurdity of a media culture where THIS is what passes for holding politicians accountable.
Broader implication for the party. OK, let’s talk party:
  • McClellan said that FOX News got talking points from the White House.
  • Bush authorized rendition.
  • Bush authorized torture. Yes, that means waterboarding.
  • Bush authorized a war based on lies resulting in millions of innocent Iraqi and Afghani civilian deaths as well as an ethnic cleansing.
  • Thousands of our troops have been killed or seriously injured.
  • The US dollar is in the tank.
  • The housing/mortgage crisis has almost caused a depression.
  • How about the trampling of our Constitution with warrantless wiretapping?
  • Laptops are being confiscated at airports and the border.
  • Under Bush, oil companies are raking in record profits while Americans suffer.
  • The US attorney scandal.
  • A health care epidemic.
  • Monica Goodling
  • A standing ovation in Congress for David Vitter’s return.
  • Military TV Analysts/Generals scandal.
  • Larry Craig’s bathroom adventure.
  • And many, many more.
Would any of this have “broader implications” to the Republican party during the election if the media did its job?
Newt Gingrich STILL gets on TV every other day and everyone KNOWS he had affairs, even dumping his wife right after cancer surgery. And yet all these MSM types are wringing their hands about what this means to the Democratic Party. Ridiculous. Throw a stone in DC and try not to hit some one with a little something on the side, and that includes those in the press corps.
And they have the nerve to talk about betrayal of Edwards to the media and his wife — in that order. Why aren’t they more outraged about the betrayal of the White House to get us into a war?
What screwed up priorities.
LSB: Disappointed? Yes, because this will consume the news cycle for the next two weeks and the shallowness of the MSM ('How will this affect the Obama campaign?') will unfortunately dominate. (BTW, Sen. McCain, where is Vicki Iseman?) Sen. Edward's weakness will forever more lump him in with the many Republican philanderers of late - what a shame all of his efforts on behalf of the working people of this country will be tainted with this scandal. The only bright spot is that at least Sen. Edwards had the good sense to take responsibility for it instead of lying about it (Sen. Craig), and at least he didn't make Elizabeth take that walk of shame with him (Sen. Vitter, Gov. Spitzer, Gov. McGreevy).

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