Thursday, August 10, 2006

Check Your Reservations!

Orlando-based CNL Hotels & Resorts CEO Tom Hutchinson emailed [Orlando Mayor Rich] Crotty to say he was pulling his support because of Crotty's "favoring the absolutely ridiculous vote on legal protection for equal housing for gays." Hutchinson goes on to say, "I am not interested in supporting candidates with seemingly zero Christian biblical principals on the issues regarding the alternative gay lifestyle."

It is unbelievable that the head of a prominent hotel chain, one that features many very high-end properties (the Arizona Biltmore, the Claremont), would risk alienating a substantial portion of his customer base in this manner. How can CNL reconcile being one of the largest hoteliers in Orlando (a town which this year enjoyed the business of 140,000 GayDays attendees) with the outrageous statements of its CEO?

- Joe (Joe.My.God.)

LSB: Check your reservations if you don’t want to support this homophobe.

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