Thursday, August 10, 2006

If you’re not reading John Aravosis, WHY NOT?

(1) Lamont links Lieberman to Cheney. Cheney and Lieberman are using the same talking points. Lamont called him on it:

In a telephone interview from his vacation home in Maine, Mr. Lamont said he was disappointed with the personal tone Mr. Lieberman’s remarks, and questioned the connection between the Iraq war and the new terrorist plot. He also continued his strategy of trying to link Mr. Lieberman’s views with those of the Bush administration, whose approach the senator has tended to support in the fight against terrorism.

“Wow,” Mr. Lamont said, after asking a reporter to read Mr. Lieberman’s remark about him. “That comment sounds an awful lot like Vice President Cheney’s comment on Wednesday. Both of them believe our invasion of Iraq has a lot to do with 9/11. That’s a false premise.”

Lieberman should invite his pal, Dick, to come campaign for him.

(2) White House official gleeful that terrorists wanted to kill thousands of Americans on ten US airlines over the Atlantic. "Weeks before September 11th, this is going to play big," said another White House official, who also spoke on condition of not being named, adding that some Democratic candidates won't "look as appealing" under the circumstances. - AFP, August 11, 2006

Well that didn't take long. The Republicans never did meet a threat of mortal injury to thousands of American lives that they didn't welcome as a political windfall. Weighed down by the unpopular war in Iraq, Bush and his aides have tried to shift the national political debate from that conflict to the broader and more popular global war on terrorism ahead of November 7 congressional elections.

(3) Bush stayed on vacation, knowing full well about the terrorist plot to bomb US airlines. We're upending civil aviation in the US today, freaking the hell out of the entire country, and what is our president doing? Giving speeches about... the economy! Because what other topic would be more appropriate for a day when we learn that terrorists want to kill thousands of Americans on US airlines.

And even more interesting, according to press reports, Bush was briefed about the attack days ago while he was on vacation. And guess what? He stayed on vacation. Sound familiar? And even better, they didn't even wake Bush up last night to let him know that the Brits had gone public and that, basically, everyone was freaking over the report. Because Bush had been getting regular briefings on the developments, Snow said the president was not awakened overnight as action by British authorities was made public.

Then again, they thought someone was trying to kill Laura Bush and Nancy Reagan with an airplane headed to the White House a few years back, and no one told Bush because he was busy riding his bike in Maryland. So, what's a terrorist plot to destroy scores of American airplanes to the president who must never be disturbed. Oh yeah, and now Bush is off to a Republican fundraiser. After all, if Bush doesn't ignore the current crisis, the terrorists win.

So the big question now, is whether Bush is still on vacation today or whether he called it off.

(4) So who's going to be the first Republican to link Joe Lieberman's defeat and today's Red Alert? Meaning, who is going to be the first Republican to say something like: "Today's Red Alert shows the danger America faces if the Democratic party wins in November, just look what happened to Joe Lieberman when he tried to warn Democrats that the war on terror is real." Something like that. My bet is on Ken Mehlman, he has such a flair. Though the White House might choose FOX News to kick it off instead.

LSB: Damn, and I thought I was the only one cynical enough to have that as my first thought after waking up to the news about the terror alerts this morning.

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