Friday, August 11, 2006

Coincidence that the RNC seemed ready for the latest terror scare?

Check out the timeline put out by the DCCC. Seems like the political operatives were ready (and excited) for the terror story.

So, will anyone in the media find out if anyone at the White House told anyone at the RNC about the terror threat before the rest of us knew? We already know the White House will give away national security secrets for partisan politics. And, we know that Karl Rove, who outed an undercover CIA agent, still has a top job and top security clearance. The media who cover the White House also know that the White House does this. Many of them have printed the White House leaks. And, they've let the White House get away with talking tough on terror while simultaneously undermining national security for political reasons.

Will anyone call them on it besides AFP?

-- by Joe in DC for AmericaBlog

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