Wednesday, August 23, 2006

In FL State Senate race, Family Values Campaign Tested by Real Life

TALLAHASSEE, FL (AP) - Randall Terry doesn't run away from "family values issues" in his state Senate race.

Among the conservative Christian's pledges are preserving traditional marriage and opposing gay adoptions. He has touted efforts to stop abortions. His campaign mailers sum up the value he puts on family: they show a picture with his wife, a daughter and three grinning young sons taken before a fourth was born this summer.

But Terry's adopted son Jamiel says the picture is missing two people: he and his sister Tila, also adopted. Both have been estranged from Terry since Jamiel came out as a gay man and Tila had a child out of wedlock.

LSB: Hypocrazy! (FYI: intentionally misspelled to make a point) Terry, as you may know, is the holier-than-thou asshole that has made a name for himself by leading protests at abortion clinics across the U.S.

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