Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Culture of Nations

New York Times columnist David Brooks had an interesting column that discussed how certain cultures lead to corruption. According to his column:

"Between 1997 and 2002, the U.N. Mission of Kuwait picked up 246 parking violations per diplomat. Diplomats from Egypt, Chad, Sudan Mozambique, Pakistan, Ethiopia and Syria also committed huge numbers of violations. Meanwhile, not a single parking violation by a Swedish diplomat was recorded. Nor were there any
by diplomats from Denmark, Japan, Israel, Norway or Canada."

Notice the countries that have the most parking violations also violate human rights - especially those of gay people. Just like with parking tickets, the success of nations can be determined by the way gay citizens are treated. For those that say the acceptance of homosexuality brings down civilizations, all evidence indicates that the opposite is true.

- Wayne Besen, Executive Director, Truth Wins Out

LSB: I don't think there is any particular connection between the acceptance or non-acceptance of homosexuality and either the rise or decline of civilization; what I do find instructive is that those countries where the rule of law is respected are the same countries that have the fewest human rights violations. No parking violations = no human rights violations.

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