Saturday, August 12, 2006

Headline News Anchor: ‘Might Some Argue That Lamont…Is The al Qaeda Candidate?’

August 12, 2006

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On Friday, August 11th, Headline News anchor Chuck Roberts discussed the impact of the disrupted British terror plot with Hotline senior editor John Mercurio. Roberts asked Mercurio, “How does this factor into the Lieberman/Lamont contest? And might some argue, as some have, that Lamont is the al Qaeda candidate?”

The "al Qaeda candidate?" WTF? What a despicable and ignorant thing to say! Did Karl Rove feed that pithy (and pissy) line to your bubble-headed news anchor? I didn't realize there was such a large al Qaeda voting block in Connecticut on which Lamont was pinning his election hopes. Or was this on-air asshole suggesting that Lamont was directing his attention to the al Qaeda voters overseas? But then, if there were Connecticut primary voting terminals in those Afghanistan caves shouldn't that have been the focus of the story/interview? Vice President Cheney said some pretty outrageous things about the impact of Lamont’s victory on terrorists, but even that chickenhawk didn’t call Lamont “the al Qaeda candidate.”

Fox News frequently uses the "some people say" tactic to feed propaganda to their viewers without actually attributing it to anyone. Congratulations, CNN - you've now sunk to the level of the Faux News channel.

Respected news leader? Hardly! It is this type of shallow, simple news reading and observation that has turned so many people off to the main stream media and on to the online blogs for their news. Gone are the days, it appears, when there was at least an illusion of impartiality and fair-mindedness on your broadcasts.

CNN is now definitely off my “favorites” channel listing. I’d unsubscribe if I could get it off my satellite service.

Just sign me "Disgusted in Texas!"

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