Friday, August 18, 2006

Jon Stewart is on Fire!

LSB: Here is a collection of some hilarious moment from recent episodes of The Daily Show. Click on the titles to view the videos.

Supreme Irony in Bush’s Vacation Reading
Stewart: Press Secretary Tony Snow said Bush spent part of his vacation reading Albert Camus’ “The Stranger.” Now, if you’ve never read “The Stranger,” it’s a classic novel about...

‘Hezbollah’s Next Project: Rebuilding New Orleans
"Daily Show” correspondent John Oliver reports that the militant organization has had so much success rebuilding Lebanon that it’s eager to take on the reconstruction of New Orleans. Louisiana residents are hopeful. Hey, at least Hezbollah’s not FEMA.

Stewart Mocks Media for JonBenet Speculation
The “Daily Show” host reminds us why news networks had no trouble indulging in another round of wild speculation regarding the 6-year-old girl’s unsolved killing: For the media, JonBenet is known as … oxygen.

In a related story: Yesterday, a federal judge in Michigan issued “a sweeping rebuke of the once-secret domestic-surveillance effort the White House authorized following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.” The ruling was “a significant blow to Bush’s attempts to expand presidential powers,” but you wouldn’t know that by watching last evening’s network newscasts.

All three major TV networks led their evening news with stories on JonBenet Ramsey’s death and the comments made by arrested teacher John Mark Karr. The networks offered multiple segments and numerous expert analyses to provide in-depth coverage on the legal case. The NSA decision received only a passing mention from two of the newscasts, while ABC devoted a full segment to it.

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...ABC...........4:03 minutes..........2:00 minutes

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