Friday, June 13, 2008

Countdown Special Comment: The Unimportance of Being John McCain

LSB: Thank you, Keith, for saying what no other commentators have the balls (or vocabulary) to say. Thank you for the well-researched, insightful, and passionate commentaries you alone are providing. Thank you for challenging those in power who get a free ride from the rest of the so-call "liberal" main stream media. (Someone is going to have to point out to me the liberal slant and preference that is allegedly shown to the liberals by the majority of the main stream press, because it seems to me – in an effort to thwart this argument – that the main stream press demonstrates an amazing insecurity and timidity to the wingnuts on the right.)
However, while I often agree with and always appreciate Olbermann’s commentaries, I am becoming increasingly concerned that Keith and MSNBC are becoming dangerously close to mirroring the cable network in which they sit in judgment nearly every evening. Is Keith’s passion (i.e., volume, snarkiness) unlike that of Billo’s? Maybe with all of the news outlets this is the new paradigm in news – everyone has a point of view and you just have to find an outlet that shares your values and perspectives. Perhaps ‘fair and balanced’ are concepts that no longer apply to the media. I find I am watching the BBC more and more lately for what appears to be ‘just the facts’ reporting. How about you?
UPDATE: Keith Olbermann Backlash Fueled By Declaration Of Katie Couric As "Worst Person In The World". Seems that I'm not the only one that thinks Keith is beginning to 'cross over to the dark side.'

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