Friday, June 20, 2008

Daily Show: Guantanamo Baywatch and the SCOTUS Decision

SilentPatriot, Crooks and Liars: Jon Stewart reports on the recent SCOTUS decision granting Gitmo detainees the right to contest their imprisonment in federal court, and in the process mocks all the outraged right-wing nut jobs. Bill Kristol gets it especially rough, considering he appears to have recently changed his opinion on due process. (Click the pic for the vid.)

Doocy: “So with the recent Supreme Court decision saying that detainees down at Gitmo can wind up with habeas corpus and get legal rights and stuff like that."

Stewart: Legal rights and stuff. It’s actually all been explained in Thomas Paine’s ‘A Treatise on the Rights of Man…and Sh*t’”

It’s crazy to stop and think about how far we’ve come in just eight short years. It is now within “mainstream” right-wing discourse to condemn the Supreme Court for ruling that the President can’t lock people up for life without a chance for them to prove their innocence. Is this even America anymore? Is there literally anything more un-American?

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