Wednesday, June 18, 2008

If it's NBC, it's the Russert Wake

Bush, accompanied by the first lady, was one of the first people to enter the closed-casket wake, which was scheduled to last seven hours. The president stayed about 20 minutes while the growing crowd outside waited patiently on a pleasant, sunny day.
LSB: Two thoughts: (1) Bush showed up at Russert's wake, but he can't show up at even one wake or funeral for a US soldier who died in Iraq as a result of his lie? As the uncle of one of the soldiers killed in Iraq, this continued snub of our fallen heroes is one of the reasons our frat-boy-President will remembered as the worst. president. ever. (2) Oh, dear Lord, why are Matt Lauer and the Today show covering this like it is a state funeral? I don't remember ABC carrying on like this when Peter Jennings died, and he was their chief news anchor for more than 20 years. Is NCB setting a precedent being for its on-air personalities? (With this kind of coverage, it's hard to call them reporters.) Should Willard Scott expect any less from his colleagues at NBC when he kicks the bucket? (I wonder if Willard will join the Smucker Family of 100+ year-olds first.)

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