Wednesday, June 18, 2008

McCain as creepy husband on SNL

A new book called "Save the Males" reminds Chris Matthews of an old Saturday Night Live skit where John McCain plays a sensitive, but creepy husband. Who knew he could act!
John Aravosis (DC), First off, yeah it's him (circa 2002). Secondly, the religious right has freaked out over implied nudity before in TV commercials and on TV shows. How do they feel about McCain playing a creepy guy who's stalking his nude and very wet wife in a shower, and then broadcasting it nationwide? Hard to imagine Ronald Reagan playing a nude scene. Not very presidential.
LSB: I'm seeing this for the first time, but my initial thought is that it isn't any worse than when Nixon appeared on LAUGH-IN saying, "Sock it to me!" Most politicians have made an appearance on a show that might be questionable, including Obama (SNL). I don't think this is worth geting your panties in a bunch, John.

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