Saturday, June 21, 2008

Spineless Dems: Still Giving Mr. 24% Everything He Asks For

Richard Blair , All Spin Zone: I simply don’t understand.
George W. Bush is down below 30% approval rating even with Fox viewers. In other polls, he’s in the lower 20% range. So, why - why in the hell - does the Democratic Party controlled congress insist on giving him everything he petulantly demands?
ISA and telecom immunity. Done deal. The death of democracy, and the antithesis of Nuremberg in 1946 (”we were just following orders…”).
War funding. Done deal. Even as retired General Antonio “Abu Ghraib” Taguba accuses the Bush administration of war crimes.
WTF is with the Democratic Party congressional leadership? Are they that out of touch with reality? Are they really still that scared of the GOP noise machine?
And where was Barack Obama’s leadership? As the presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee, he has a vast bully pulpit at his disposal. Why didn’t he voice any opposition to either bill?
I’m so disgusted. The douchebaggery is astounding. And most Americans could care less. It’s all very depressing. ...
You’ve got the weekend to let your Senators know how you feel. They need to know that FISA / illegal wire tapping / telecom immunity can not stand, and that you won’t stand for any politician who supports this “get out of jail free” desecration of the fourth amendment. Here’s a site you can use to directly contact the Senators from your state.
LSB: Benjamin Franklin: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Call to let your Senators know how you feel. I've got two douchebags (Cornyn and Hutchison) from my state, but one (Cornyn) may be in a tough re-election. No doubt I'll be reminding him when I fax him in a few minutes that I, and many others in this state, will be closely watching his vote. Not that I think it will matter, but how could it hurt?

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