Wednesday, June 18, 2008

McCain Campaign Falsely Accuses DNC Of Attacking Cindy McCain

Nicole Belle, Crooks and Liars: It appears that we hit too close for comfort with the McCain campaign when we brought up the topic of the “Sugar Momma Express” use of Cindy’s private jets for the campaign, because now they’re lashing out. Too bad they have to make up things to complain about. Greg Sargent:

In an email blasted out to the media this morning, the McCain camp noted that the DNC had sent to reporters this article about Mrs. McCain.
“When will Sen. Obama do as he promised and `speak out against’ Howard Dean and the DNC for their attacks on Mrs. McCain — or at least demand they stop?” McCain spokesperson Brian Rogers asked in the email.
I received the DNC’s email this morning, too. And nowhere in the email does the DNC attack Mrs. McCain.
The article that the DNC drew attention to reported that the McCain campaign had failed to reimburse Mrs. McCain for a flight in her company’s private jet to New York City, where she attended a fund-raiser for her husband. The article quotes two Republicans criticizing the campaign for this.
The entire email from the DNC consists of criticism of the McCain campaign — not Mrs. McCain.
LSB: Just saw online that this botoxed rodeo queen is once again making comments about 'always being proud of her country,' a clear jab at Michelle Obama's misstatement. That's rich - the thieving, drugging adultress is throwing stones. Even Laura Bush gave Michelle a pass. Is McCain's campaign so desperate and bereft of ideas that they have to send out his stepford wife to regurgitate this tired slam?

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