Friday, June 27, 2008

Lead GOP activist, Grover Norquist, calls Obama "Kerry with a tan"

John Aravosis (DC), That's ok. I like to think of Grover Norquist as "Liberace with a wife."
LSB: Snap! ROFLMAO, John - you are too funny! But are there really only two degrees of separation from Grover to Osama? From Wikipedia: "The Islamic Free Market Institute (also known simply as the Islamic Institute) is a Muslim outreach group founded by Grover Norquist and Khaled Suffuri in 1999. The Institute operated out of office space leased by Grover's flagship organization, Americans for Tax Reform,[1] with seed money coming largely from Middle Eastern sources.[2] Saffuri’s former boss at the American Muslim Council, Abdurahman Alamoudi, provided at least $35,000. An outspoken supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah, Alamoudi has been suspected of ties to Osama bin Laden and other Islamic radicals since at least 1994, and would later be sentenced to 23 years in prison. The Safa Trust donated at least $35,000, and the International Institute of Islamic Thought contributed $11,000. Both organizations were alleged to be part of the so-called SAAR Network of interrelated business and non-profit entities with ties to sources of terrorism financing, and were among the subjects of a March 20, 2002 raid conducted led the U.S. Custom Service under the auspices of Operation Green Quest."

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